Damir Stijepic


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’’Globalization, Worker Mobility and Wage Inequality”, Review of International Economics, Vol. 25(1), 2017, 108-131.

Working Paper (July 2016)


”Small Employers, Large Employers and the Skill Premium”, Economics Bulletin, Vol. 36(1), 2016, 381-387.

Under Revision

Open It And They Will Come? The Impact of Fallen Barriers on Securities Market Participation

April 2017, R&R at German Economic Review


A Cross-Country Study of Workers’ Skills and Unemployment Flows

August 2018, R&R at Oxford Economic Papers


Job Mobility and Sorting: Theory and Evidence

July 2018, R&R at Journal of Economics and Statistics


Trade Openness and the Skill Premium—An Inverted-‘U’ Relation? 

June 2016, R&R at Economics Letters

Working Papers

Trends and Cycles in U.S. Job Mobility

September 2018


Employment Effects of Skills around the World: Evidence from PIAAC

July 2018


Skills, Job Mobility and Productive Efficiency

August 2018


Small Employers, Large Employers and the Skill Premium over the Business Cycle

April 2016


The Impact of the Productivity Dispersion across Employers on the Labor’s Income Share

July 2018


Workplace Heterogeneity and the Returns to Versatility

August 2018


Technology Diffusion, Worker Mobility and the Returns to Skills

January 2015


A Note on Laws of Motion for Aggregate Distributions

August 2018